Palliative care and end of life research,
Workshop for school of nursing

Ruth Toumu'a and Shuchi Kothari

From Ruth Toumu'a Story

Workshop USP Campus

Participants of digital storytelling workshop
Suva, FIJI

Maxine Valentine
Rotuma, FIJI

Ronald Steve Philitoga
Suva, FIJI

Lasarusa Donuvakayanuyanu
Suva, FIJI


What is Digital Stories Asia-Pacific?

Digital Stories Asia-Pacific is part of a global movement that uses the digital storytelling (DST) model of short form, low-tech filmmaking.

DST was developed by StoryCenter (previously the Center for Digital Storytelling) in Berkeley. Ideally suited to community groups, this model has been used all over the world to unlock the creative capacity of everyday storytellers.

Participants in a facilitated Digital Storytelling Asia-Pacific workshop work with teachers and digital technologies to create a three-minute film. They mine their lives and family archives to tell a personal story that they would like to share. Our workshops encourage exploration of cultural identity, lived experience and personal health narratives.

Many storytellers discover that their ‘small’ stories resonate more deeply and widely than they expected. The process of making these stories can also be personally revelatory and empowering beyond their immediate audience (colleagues, friends, family).

The Digital Storytelling Asia-Pacific website functions as a digital archive of everyday stories told through personal perspectives.