Fe’aofaki Lotu Lutui Fetokai

“I’m married with three children: two boys and one girl. Right now we are residing at Havelu. That’s where my husband’s family is from. But I’m from ‘Uiha in the Ha’apai group. I am the library assistant at USP Tonga campus since 2011. I worked as a student coordinator in Ha’apai from 2006 to 2010. Before that I was a teacher for 6 years in Ha’apai math and biology Form 4 and Form 5.”

In Loving Memory of my Grandma

My Grandma was known in our village as a laughing and generous person … no matter what she had, even if it was an orange or a mango, she had to give it – even if it was special.

One Christmas I asked Grandma, my father’s mother, ‘where’s the Christmas tree?’ My Grandma said, ‘what Christmas tree?’  ‘The Christmas tree that Aunty Ofa sent from America!’… I found the box, but inside was only the trunks of the tree, and little bits of green and gold.

“I wanted to tell this story because it’s real – it happened to our Grandma. I thought whoever would see the story would like it; it’s a funny story. Whenever we have a family gathering we tell that story.”