Hepisipa Pau’u

“I’m from Ha’ateiho and I live in Tonga. I’m 22 years old now. I live with my mother and other siblings and my father is already passed away since I was in still class 4 in the primary school. Now I am in the University of the South Pacific in Tonga, taking Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Public Administration with a minor in Library Studies. I have one and half years left but I plan to finish in one year. At the moment I’m working in the library.

I know the importance of recording the stories instead of the books.  It makes it easier to use audiovisuals and what we did in the workshop was very nice.  The reality of children nowadays is they would rather use the technological materials instead of books to read. We have to preserve the history of Tonga for the next generation.”

My Great Adventure

She directs me … ‘OK, thanks’ I reply, but I have no idea. I start to sweat, heartbeat getting faster, and walking as fast as I can.

Going for a professional trip abroad, alone for the first time, actually it gets me nervous.

When I tell my story, I have the ideas for the story but I don’t have the good images so it can be cooler. I made it for me. It does help me, it does encourage me.