Joshua Handyside

“At the time of the workshop I’d been working at the University of the South Pacific for just two years.

I wanted to make a story that was funny, and fun to tell. I wouldn’t have made a digital story if it wasn’t a work thing, but surprisingly I enjoyed it and learned more about my colleagues too.

It was a privilege to be part of an inspiring and educational 3 day workshop that I’m sure was just as fun and exciting for everyone as it was for me.”

The Island Boy Inside

I recall the pig baths – oh yeah, that was fun. I was in the sty, all muddy and soggy, strewn with coconut shells. Piglets, small as they were, put up a good fight. One had a murderous look in his eyes; he charged straight at me.

“December 2012, I experienced life on an island for the first time.

One thing I regret is not taking any photographs on my holiday. That made it harder to make my digital story because I had to use stock images. Telling the story was easier than writing it for me, so I recorded it first and that helped me write the script.”