Lasarusa Donuvakayanuyanu

“I’m from Namuka Lau in Namuka in Lau, my Mum’s Rotuman, my Dad’s Fijian. I’m a graphic designer for the University of the South Pacific at the Centre for Flexible Learning. I mostly work with electronic publishers designing course materials, posters and banners.

I was 38 when we did the workshop. I thought it would be a good time to bring this story out. The days at the workshop were really exciting – something new that we hardly do here in Fiji. I think the stories probably relate to most of us here in the Pacific – probably the common thread is family, missing family, missing a loved one.”

Filomena’s Letters

At the age of 98 Nanny was ready to say goodbye, but a dream held her back: ‘someone is coming to visit me’.

“Filomena was the eldest daughter of Lawrence Olsen, a Norwegian sailor who jumped off the cargo ship Nightingale and settled on the beautiful island of pristine white sandy beaches and clear blue water in Rotuma.

Filomena was also my great grand mother. Nanny was warm, loving and well spoken. She would show me letters from Norway that her Aunt sent. As a little boy I would be amazed that we had relatives on the other side of the world.”