Navitalai Vakauta

“I’m a video editor [at the University of the South Pacific] … we work with Apple Pro-X and Camtasia. We also record audio for all CFL online courses. We usually work with 28-40 courses per semester.

The workshop was really good, like the way that we learned how to write proper stories and how to put the wording in place. I chose that story because it is the nature of the environment of the work that I do … once you concentrate more on your work you’ll forget about your family, so we have to balance our work and our family time.

After screening they asked me whether I was overloaded with work, but I wrote the story as a metaphor to tell people what’s happening right now, that people are concentrating more on work and forgetting about their families. Once I got a family I started to try and balance my time with my family.”

My Work, My Family

I seem to be the busiest person in the world … My heart aches when Joeli celebrates his fourth birthday and I forget to bring the candle due to long hours of work. Joeli tells me that the happy birthday song is not complete without me, and the candle.

“That story is written just to tell people, to be aware – you have to look after your family and your work.

I think it’s the way to go for our children, to see those kinds of stories coming out. It’s the digital age, it’s really good to see people coming out with their own stories which is based on experience. I think that’s the true story, and sometimes we write the stories that are just dreams – but stories that are based on experience, it will touch many people’s lives.”