Nofo Fonua ‘I-Muli Hakaumotu

“My full name is Nofo Fonua ‘I-muli Hakaumotu. The meaning of my name Nofo Fonua is citizen. The name I commonly call myself is Fonua and some people call me Nua. I stay at Masilamea on the western side of Tongatapu, Tonga, – about 15 kilometres from the main town Nuku’alofa. I am forty years old now. I grew up in the village. My parents are both teachers at the government primary school. When I was at school I was at the Nuku’alofa primary school. Then I went to Tonga high school, that’s the government high school.  That’s when my story takes place.

I first told my story at my Church group. I was dreaming, thinking and also wishing to tell it out to others. I’m glad and very happy to put up my story and spread it out. It’s an emotional feeling for myself, telling the story [at Church] and also at the workshop.”

Discipline of Life

As I walk home happily after the movie I ask Yoda for advice: ‘what lie shall I tell this time?’

“That story is very interesting for myself. It’s like a turning point I had when I was a kid. I was thinking, when did I choose myself to truly be honest?

I made my story to my mother. It’s like a memory about her. She’s still alive but it’s to my mother, to my family, and also to my children. That’s the thing that will help them discipline themselves, and also to hear good members in the family and be good citizens in Tonga and anywhere in this world.

Editing the audio with the photos and all kinds of clips made the story alive and enjoyable … my kids were asking can we play again, can we play it again? And that’s the thing that made my story interesting, when I put it up with the pictures.”