Abigail Kaiawe and Ivy-Lee Kaiawe Topia

“I asked Dad, ‘Dad, would you like to come home?’ He replied to me, ‘come home to what? There’s nobody here.’ And it was true. The house was a shell. “There was no toilet, we had no water access, and we had no power. We had a lot of work to do. . .”

Te Karanga O Toku Pāpā

“So that gravitational pull, that pulled us back toward home took us back to Dad, and Dad took us back to our papa kāinga.”

“And going back to the papa kāinga, it was that connection with everyone else’s vital life forces that came in and was a puna – a well that we could start accessing.

“The doors were opening to us, which made this job, of looking after our father, so much more easy.”