Digital Stories Asia-Pacific team

Picture of Sarina Person and Shuchi Kothari
Sarina Pearson and Shuchi Kothari

Shuchi Kothari and Sarina Pearson are experienced facilitators of digital storytelling courses.

Shuchi is a screenplay writer (Firaaq, Apron Strings, Coffee & Allah) working in the film industries in New Zealand, and India. With Sarina, she has produced television documentaries, short films and a sketch comedy series. She teaches screenplay writing and creative producing in Media, Film, and Television at the University of Auckland.

Sarina teaches in Media, Film and Television at the University of Auckland. In addition to her screen collaborations with Shuchi, she also has academic research interests in film and television cultures in the Pacific region. This research has been published in journals such as Camera Obscura, Media, Culture, Society, and The Contemporary Pacific. She also teaches documentary filmmaking at the University of Auckland.

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