The Pacific Digital Storytelling Project


The project began in 2013, with support from Te Whare Kura at the University of Auckland. It was initiated by filmmakers and academics, Dr Shuchi Kothari and Dr Sarina Pearson, in association with Senior Media Technician Peter Simpson.

As academics and filmmakers Shuchi and Sarina felt there was an opportunity to foster more grassroots digital media production in the Pacific. They recieved funding to conduct workshops, where under their facilitation, participants created personal narratives.

The first DST workshop was held in Suva in November 2013. Since then two further workshops have been held, in Tonga and Auckland. A total of twenty-five digital stories have been produced. As a collective body of work they offer a glimpse into contemporary experiences of place, mobility, family and culture in the Pacific.

The hope of the Digital Stories in the Pacific project is that, through the practice of making these stories, everyday storytellers engage with digital technologies and provide us with the opportunity to listen to their experiences and perspectives.